Retro Kitchen Accessories

We stock a selection of vintage and retro kitchen accessories to enhance any cooking space and add a touch of soul to the most popular room in the house. If you're also looking for ideas or inspiration, our range can help

Vintage Kitchenalia (or kitsch kitchen accessories as some see them) are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Kitchen antiques and, especially, a traditional style of kitchenalia can add a beautifully classic feel to a modern kitchen design or embellish your traditional country cooking space.

Vintage kitchenware Why Look At Our Kitchenalia?
Vintage kitchenware

Retro Kitchen Accessories, Kitchenware and Appliances

We source our retro kitchenware items from mainly Welsh suppliers and craftsmen/women We are always interested in expanding this range so we advise regularly checking back to see our latest additions.

if we have a preference it is for vintage retro style from the 1950's to 1990's and all things mid-century modern. So if you're looking for vintage kitchen utensils, appliances, a toaster, tea towel, bread bin or more, you can find a broad range of vintage kitchen accessories in our collection.

Looking through our collection you will see some kitsch as well as retro kitchen accessories to give that vintage vibe. These are in high demand and fly off our shelves so do check back regularly to see what is available.


Why Look At Our Kitchenalia?

Why Look At Our UK Antique and Vintage Kitchenalia?

At Moody Mabel we strongly believe in reusing everything, and that is no more evident than in the kitchen. Why buy new when you can buy retro kitchen appliances and accessories that are many years old, beautifully made and crafted, bringing a touch of style to your home. We hope you enjoy our collection and please contact us with any questions or requests for further details you may have.