Vintage Flags

Vintage flags are a new collection for us and one which we intend to grow over time. To us flags can be as expected but can also include items like semaphore flags and pennants. All of the vintage flags we have for sale are UK sourced.

Please do call back regularly to see what has changed in this collection.

How to ensure that you are flying your Union flag properly
How to ensure that you are flying your Union flag properly

The Union flag, although it may look it, is not symmetrical and there has therefore got a correct and incorrect way of being hung.

If you look at the flag carefully, there is the side next to the flagpole and the side away - we are going to look at the side next to the flagpole.

At the top near the flagpole there is a white diagonal stripe pointing downwards towards the centre of the flag, within it is a red diagonal stripe that is not in the centre of the white stripe.

The correct positioning of the flag is when the thicker part of the white diagonal shows ABOVE the red diagonal.

The incorrect positioning would be with the red stripe being closer to the top of the white stripe than the bottom. This would mean that the flag was upside down.

If you are planning to fly vintage British flags, getting this right is important!

Our vintage flags collection is part of our wider collection of eclectica - come and have a look around this section of our store.