Vintage wall art and pictures

Why collect art? We all like to have wall decor in our homes and businesses and by collecting we are curating the expressions of our own personalities. Many a new interior design places the client's living room and other art or framed prints at the heart of the proposed layout. So you can see how popular this type of artwork is.

It would be lovely to each own a famous original oil painting, but unlikely! We both collect and sell vintage wall art, acquired in the UK (United Kingdom) but also from all over the globe. At Moody Mabel we are not precious about what we offer, it may be a vintage wall hanging, a vintage poster or a retro art print. If we like it then we hope that you will as well.

Please browse our ever-changing art collection and see if you find something you will enjoy.

What is wall art and why collect it?
What is wall art and why collect it?

Q: Types of wall art 

We believe that anything you hang on your wall can be art. Our definition here includes paintings, prints, wall hangings, retro canvas prints, vintage map wall art, and posters. What you collect will be determined by your own style and decor needs.

Q: Why collect wall art? 

As well as the need to decorate your home or business space, unless of course, you are an extreme minimalist, we all need to express ourselves. We rather like vintage art prints.

Q: How to start collecting? 

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • There is no right or wrong - your style is your style and you define it. Your rules!

  • Collect with confidence, and trust your own instincts.

  • If you are looking for a particular style then Instagram and Pinterest will help you refine what you want prior to starting a collection.

  • Be bold! You can always change your mind and resell your item later - if old-style wall hangings are your thing, go big!

  • Look out for original art from new artists if you can afford originals.

  • Buy the best frames you can. We often buy pictures for the frames and then reuse them.

  • Experiment. When, for example, you buy a vintage map poster, try it in several different rooms and on different walls until you find the right place for it.

Our vintage prints, pictures and wall hangings collection is part of our wider collection of art - come and have a look around this section of our store.