Vintage Welsh Blankets

As a business based in Wales, we are particularly fond of traditional Welsh blankets (or Welsh tapestry as they can also be called). At one stage in the 19th century, there were over 300 woollen mills in North Wales, South Wales and the West of the country. Sadly, although there are now only a few still producing textiles and woollen products, the strong tradition of making these blankets still remains. The designs of these blankets have changed little over the last 150 years and so there is a body of vintage traditional welsh blankets available. Who wouldn't cherish a cosy old blanket from traditional weavers for warmth (if worn) or display? To buy a second-hand item in good condition and with good colour is to acquire a piece of history and tradition. If taken care of, these items will last for many years and bring much pleasure to the owner and viewers alike.

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Types of antique welsh blankets
Types of antique welsh blankets

Q: Traditional 

The most common design feature of Welsh woollen blankets is that they are heavy and double-sided. The rougher the texture of the wool, the older the blanket as sheep’s wool has become softer over time. If your blanket has a seem in the centre don’t be alarmed, that means that it is a pre-1910 blanket. From 1910 following the use of narrow looms, wider looms were introduced to Wales (recycled from mills being upgraded in Yorkshire). These allowed fabric to be woven in wider lengths. The most popular design that is instantly recognisable is the portcullis design.

Q: Waffle blankets

A waffle blanket is still a valid and quite lovely type of blanket, also made from Welsh wool. It is considerably lighter than tapestry-type blankets because of its honeycomb quilt-like construction. Waffle blankets can be single or double-sided.

The delightful old blanket selection in our store offers a number of Welsh blankets within our collection. This, in turn, is part of our overall collection of interesting eclectica - come and have a look around this section of our store.