Vintage Indoor sculptures

We all like our homes to look nice, and in addition to paintings, one of the ways to add some vintage style is to position home decor items of interest on mantle pieces, shelves and table tops. Decorative vintage sculptures for the home can bring a room to life (as any interior designer will tell you). In fact, the more unusual or unique these delightfully handmade pieces are, the more they become a focal point for a room and a talking point for your guests. Here in the UK, we source sculpture and ornaments which we think fit that bill, be they free-standing items or wall sculptures. Given a choice, our style is less traditional antiques and more vintage design with quirky one-offs.

Things to consider about indoor sculptures and ornaments?
Things to consider about indoor sculptures and ornaments?

Q: What are they made out of? 

Although we like to mix and match, most sculptures or statues are made from the following:

  • Wood

  • Bronze

  • Marble

  • Porcelain

  • Glass

  • Ceramic

  • Pottery

  • Metal

  • Bone

  • Stoneware

Q: Placement of your sculpture? (H3)

If you have small children or pets you might want to place your items out of reach! We have had past incidents with beautiful unique china Indian runner ducks on a window sill meeting fast moving young Cairn Terriers determined to observe goings on outside. The Cairn Terriers won!

Q: Sculpture collecting? (H3)

If you are a collector by nature, you may want to consider the works of a particular artist, or from an era or location such as Murano glass,  Elizabeth Lewis wall art or 1970s Italian. Be warned, however, that this may turn into an obsession. If you buy from us and become obsessed, all we can say is that we sympathise and please come back often!

Our vintage indoor sculptures collection is part of a broader collection of vintage art items for the home. Why not come and have a look around this area of our store.