Vintage Christmas Baubles

Vintage Christmas tree ornaments are something we collect all year round so that you can have them in time for Christmas. It is very difficult to find fully intact boxes of matched baubles so a lot of what we stock is mixed sets. We are not limited to the ancient in this collection and although Mercury glass ornaments are the decoration of choice for many, 1950s and 60s plastic kitsch is also considered stylish. Vintage Christmas tree ornaments are a great way to up your Christmas game. We still have a small clear box full of decorations from our own childhoods that goes on display each year.

Stop back regularly in the run-up to the big day to see what else we add.

All about Retro and Vintage Christmas baubles
All about Retro and Vintage Christmas baubles

Who invented the Christmas ornament? 

What was it about the 1840s? Dickens, Sir Henry Cole and then baubles. These were invented in Lauscha in Germany by Heinz Greiner who began the blowing and decorating of glass balls in the 1840s. They were brought to the United Kingdom by Queen Victoria and popularised in the U.S. by F.W.Woolworth who made a considerable amount of money importing them.

Why bauble? 

The etymology of the word bauble is that it is based on the Middle English word babull and the Old French word baubel meaning a child’s toy or trinket. Ultimately this came from the Latin word bellus, meaning pretty. To Americans they are balls.

Where did the tradition come from? 

Old-fashioned, antique and old-looking Christmas tree decoration is tremendously popular but the tradition actually started with the Romans who used to hang fruit on trees at celebrations. Later this moved on to painted blown eggs and then to blown glass ornaments. The decorations signify the lights shining through the branches of a small fir tree, discovered by Saint Boniface in 723 A.D. when the tree was discovered after a much larger sheltering Oak was cut down. They represent hope and light.

What is the most valuable Christmas decoration in the world? 

This tree topper was created in 2020 by Hallmark Jewellers and is valued at £82,000. If we manage to get this Christmas ornament for sale, you will be the first to know!

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