Vintage Glassware

We have a selection of vintage glassware items that we think you will love. We source this on an ad hoc basis as we find them. For Moody Mabel, an item is only likely to be of interest to you if it is of interest to us and therefore this eclectic selection is constantly changing and diversifying. We may have vases in stock, Murano or art glass, maybe some vintage laboratory vessels or older chemists’ bottles. Perhaps wine glass examples, green glass or other types of other British glass items. It depends, so feel free to revisit and see our updated collection every so often.

Please do call back regularly to see what has changed in this collection.

How to identify Older antique glassware? Types of interesting glassware
How to identify Older antique glassware?

Q: Does it have a label or etching 

If a piece has a label or etching in the glass of a maker’s name it can be researched. For pictures, we use Tineye to do a lookup.

Q: Does it have a pontil mark on the base? 

A pontil mark identifies the best vintage glassware as blown glass and therefore more likely to have age. The pontil mark will be circular in the centre of the base and denotes where the blowing pipe was attached to the piece. 

Q: Are there imperfections in the glass? 

Small irregularities and bubbles in the glass usually denote hand production and therefore age.

Q: Are there imperfections in the glass? 

It is important to check for signs of wear pattern appearance on the surface. In our opinion glassware claiming great age that has no wear is unlikely to be authentic.


Types of interesting glassware

Here are some of the styles of vintage glassware that may be of interest to you:

  • Murano - clowns and geode cuts from the Italian island of Murano

  • Art glass - artisan-made antique glass, made individually or in small batches. This is valuable if you can identify the artist.

  • Uranium glass, produced pre-1939, and with a mid-century modern style using a different compound post-1958. Glows green!

  • Scandinavian vintage glass -  Characterised by bright colour and often Danish, Scandinavian glass has been widely available since the 1960s. It is modern in style and often lined in white.

if you'd like to buy vintage glassware then please browse our selection. Please note that this collection is also part of a wider selection of eclectica - so please come and have a look around that section of our store.