Vintage Storage

People have different vintage storage needs in their kitchens, from vintage storage jars for tea and coffee to storage jars for display to complement or enhance kitchen design. It may even extend all the way through to authentic pieces of furniture and vintage kitchen cabinetry. We stock all sorts of solutions for you but only tend to select items that are in good condition, not so much those needing rebuilds or substantial restoration. Complimentary items such as stools and kitchen steps are also on offer. Do be aware that we don't offer clutter-busting storage boxes.

The items we are offering tend to be one-offs - we are unlikely to find another example of any one piece, although similar items crop up. You can use them practically or for style as home accessories for the sideboard, living room or dining room. Either way, if you like any item in our selection then please grab it while you can!

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Vintage storage FAQs
Vintage storage FAQs

Q: Let’s talk about vintage storage jars?

Storage jars are readily available and these days tend to be plastic based. We select particularly vintage stoneware storage jars from known or historical suppliers. Most of the companies we choose to follow no longer exist or have moved their manufacturing away from the UK for cost reasons. This means careful research into the marks on the jars to ensure that they are of appropriate make and age. Select those that match your kitchen design!

Q: Tell me about stand-alone kitchen items? 

Up until the end of WW2, only grander houses had fitted kitchens, and although through American influence this began to change in the mid-1950’, most kitchens remained full of stand-alone vintage storage until the end of the 1960s. The cabinets that appeared during that era were not expensively made but were extremely practical for smaller kitchens and of bright and cheerful colours. Cabinets with multiple cupboards, the top ones of which were usually glazed, also featured fold-down shelves with metal work surfaces. If you are building a period kitsch kitchen then one of these cabinets is a must. These were often complemented by matching vintage food safes to keep meat/cheese/vegetables cool and safe from flies and matching wall cupboards. As time progressed all of these items became rather more space-age!

Q: What else fits in kitchen storage? 

We pick up any smaller items or large pieces that we think would enhance your vintage or retro kitchen, whether that be wicker baguette baskets or vintage enamel flour and bread bins. These items all add to the look and feel of any kitchen, modern or vintage.