Vintage T.G.Green

T.G.Green is a United Kingdom company originally based in Church Gresley in England. It is notable for the creation of Cornishware, a specific type of pottery and kitchenware. The company has produced many different ranges over the years, some of which are featured here. We are avid collectors and lovers of the T.G.Green brand and are constantly on the lookout for items (jars, jugs, cups, plates bowls), that we think will interest you, whether that be early examples or up-to-date items such as the 2022 Jubilee mug. We are pleased to always have T.G.Green vintage Cornishware and other ranges for sale on our site.

T.G.Green History Cornishware
T.G.Green History

Q: Where did the company originate? 

T.G.Green was founded in 1864 by Thomas Goodwin Green. It is believed that he bought an existing pottery in Church Gresley whilst he was in Scarborough on his honeymoon.

Q: Where did the company produce its products? 

T.G.Green pottery was produced in Church Gresley in South Derbyshire from 1864 until 2007. With that pottery, closed products were produced abroad. However, the company is currently re-introducing manufacture into Stoke-on-Trent and products are decorated in the West Country.

Q: Who owns the company? 

The company was rescued in 2007 by three British entrepreneurs who believed in the enduring quality of its products. The current Directors (2022) are father and daughter Charles and Rebecca Rickards. T.G. Green & Co Ltd is a private limited company.



Cornishware is the main product range of T.G.Green & Co Ltd and has enduring popularity. Here are some facts that you might like to know:

  • Cornishware is the striped pottery from T.G.Green, it started out in the early 1920s as a range of beautiful ceramics called Electric Blue or Cornish Blue. This became Cornishware in 1924 (Cornish Kitchen Ware to be exact) after a salesman said it reminded him of the white-tipped waves and blue sky of Cornwall.

  • The ranges have changed over the years with a major update in the 1960s by designer Judith Onions. You can date pieces of Cornishware by the stamps on the bottom of each piece.

  • Cornishware has been produced in a number of colours with the longest available being blue, yellow and gold.

  • You can order standard pieces with customised wording. The company never kept track of these customised items and the number of variants is therefore unknown.

  • There is a Cornishware archivist and historian who gives talks around the UK.

  • Vintage T.G.Green Cornishware featured heavily in the 2015 UK film The Lady in the Van.

  • Cornishware mugs are particularly sought after and can be very collectable - particularly the recent 2022 Jubilee mug.

  • Seconds or Cornishware with typos are interesting to many a collector.

Our Vintage T.G.Green collection is part of our wider collection of retro kitchen accessories, much in excellent condition - come and have a look around this section of our store.