Postage and Shipping

We will deliver stuff to you in the most efficient manner we can. As the items we sell are rarely of standard sizes and weights, the shipping costs quoted are for UK delivery only. If you are outside the UK you will receive a message asking you to contact us for shipping costs. Please do! What we will do is ask you a few quick questions (hopefully one each way) that will allow us to pick the best way to get the product to you, we will then confirm the shipping cost to you so you can decide if you wish to proceed.

For 2024 we will be posting out orders mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays. With an increasing number of channels for our products we are trying to regularise our deliveries, both for your and our benefit.

Our packaging will most likely be recycled and the re-use of packaging is important to us. Your items will arrive in tip-top condition, and as described herein. If they are not please let us know and we will discuss options with you.