About Us

Moody Mabel Ltd. is the Retro and Vintage Emporium started by Phil Terrett and his wife Ruth.  After a lifetime of working in many different fields, from Telecoms to Venture Capital to Broadcasting and far too much travelling to be good for anyone, the couple decided to start their own business in 2016. It was to be the family business and concentrated on online shops selling gifts for dogs and dog lovers. It was called Johnny Muttley Ltd. This was based on many years of dog ownership, primarily Cairn Terriers, but earlier, Labradors. The business grew and expanded through a franchise model.

In 2019 Phil and Ruth realised that they were only thinking about dogs, all day, every day. Both had an interest in vintage and retro items, Phil from the 1950’s onwards and Ruth from the Edwardian era onwards. With very little effort what was a hobby became a new element of the family business, and following the discovery of an Edwardian postcard the name Moody Mabel was coined. The couple quickly found that this new part of the business was more to their taste than the slog of the doggy business and gradually the dog stuff was discontinued until they could concentrate on the Moody Mabel Emporium.  The company (UK Company number 10539224) has been renamed Moody Mabel Ltd.

Now a widower, Phil continues Moody Mabel, though he is neither particularly moody, nor called Mabel. Together with two Cairn Terriers (Ripley and Beetle) we greet each day as an opportunity to learn.

Phil Terrett of Moody Mabel Ltd. with Ripley and Beetle Cairn Terriers

Registered Office:

1 Horsingtons Yard, Lion Sreet, Abergavenny, Wales, NP7 5PN

Moody Mabel is a UK registered company (UK Company number 10539224)

Contact Details:

Phil can be contacted via email at phil@moodymabel.com

or text message/WhatsApp on 07748 653990

How do we sell?

Our primary sales channel is this website moodymabel.com.

Our secondary and main physical shopping presence is a bay in The Malthouse Collective in Stroud. We have a small amount of stock in Machen Interiors in Caerleon.

We also sell and send out smaller items via eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

We are active on Facebook and Instagram.

What do we sell?

Maybe we should start by saying what we buy, and for us this is important. We only buy things that we like. This is important to say because we always feel that items that would sit well in our home are easier to sell. It makes for quirky purchases and that moment we all have, you know the one - where you are thinking “I don’t know what I want but I want it now”, and then your eyes settle on an item and you just know. 

Our collections

The mainstay of our collections are Kitchenalia - Retro Kitchen Accessories, Toys and Games - Vintage Toys, Eclectica - one-off must have finds, Smalls - your ‘walk out’ items and Gardenalia - retro and vintage garden accessories. These are supplemented by The Workshop, Wood and Leather, Art, and Re-imaginings, where items we create are curated.

You will pay the postage on your item. Please see our postage and shipping page for details.