Vintage Tableware

Here in the UK, we have a definition of vintage tableware that is not limited to the dining experience but the whole dining and kitchen living experience. Whether an item is vintage glassware, vintage crockery or 1950’s tableware we love it! Here you will find everything from porcelain cafe cream jugs to Pyrex oven-to-table sets, teapots, bowl sets and more. Please do stop by regularly as our stock changes with the interesting finds we make.

Tableware FAQs
Tableware FAQs

Q: What is Tableware? 

Many of us will be familiar with almost legendary tableware makers such as Royal Doulton. They and others have served a demanding market over centuries and become household names.

Tableware is any item that can be used to eat with, serve from or drink with. it can also of course also be a decoration adorning coffee tables, your dinner table and for guests to admire at your dinner party or during afternoon tea. Plain or pattern tableware is often a talking point.

So what is tableware? well, a traditional view would be cutlery, vintage glassware, plates and serving dishes. Our definition is anything food related that can sit on your dining table or kitchen table or counter/island.

Q: Dinnerware vs flatware? (H3)

Dinnerware is what is generally thought of as the set of plates and bowls that comprise an individual place setting. When this is earthenware it is also known as crockery. A dinner service would comprise the dinnerware plus serving dishes. Flatware is the open dishes, usually oval in shape from which food is served at the table. A teapot is generally short and stout ;).

Q: Retro and Vintage style? 

We are unlikely to stock (for example) highly formal ‘old-fashioned’ tableware - as you will have seen it is not our style. Vintage retro glassware or vintage style glassware, for example, will be here, but traditional cut glass lead crystal will likely not be. We are partial to a little vintage 1950s tableware and will always seek this out for you.