The workshop - Vintage Wooden Tools

The feel and touch of a wooden handle widget thingumiser, the weight of an old blade, the strength of what has lasted for decades and will last for many more. You can get all different types from our workshop. There is something infinitely wonderful about the feel of a wooden handled vintage tool. To hold in your hand an item that has been used for many years, weathered and shaped by many hard hours and to know that it will be good for many more is a fine thing. Vintage hand tools, whether wooden or metal hold a special place in our hearts, and they just look so cool on display.

What ancient wood tools do people collect?
What ancient wood tools do people collect?

Q: What don’t they collect?

Everything is up for grabs. There are specialists who collect only foldable rulers, those who love hammers (Yay it’s Hammer time!) and those that collect unique vintage tools that have no practical value at all these days.

Q: Collect or use? 

We have contacts who must have a screwdriver for every possible eventuality, and it is a matter of pride that none escape their notice and attention. They must have them all, just in case. Quite often very few of the items in their old hand tools collection are actually ever used, We feel that it is a great shame to seek out and purchase a beautiful item with wonderful history and then not put it to use. We fall into the use type of collectors.

Q: Take care of your antique wood tools 

We would suggest that you clean and store your old tool collection well. Clean wooden handles after each use and occasionally treat them to a waxing. Clean down shafts and blades and store them in a way that they will not deteriorate. And...remember what your Dad said: “Don’t you dare open that can of paint with my best chisel!”.

A woodworking tool is a fine thing. Customers can find several good condition tools in our vintage wooden hand tool shop. This is part of our more extensive collection of vintage wood boxes, trunks and leather cases - why not have a look around this section of our store?