Vintage Garden Decor

We are at the very start of our journey with vintage garden decoration and are quietly learning and acquiring pieces to offer to you. For sale at the moment, we have a UK-bought selection ranging from giant enamelware to allotment pieces to antique weathervanes. It is unlikely that we will be stocking stone garden statues (but who knows!), preferring to source pieces of age and charm that can add to a smaller vintage garden or bring quirky outdoor decoration to bear on your modern property.

Points to consider when looking for older garden decorative items for sale
Points to consider when looking for older garden decorative items for sale
  • Unless you are trying to create an exact period garden design to charm your guests(we remember people trying to recreate Edwardian Lady style vistas after a TV programme/book), then a quirky mixture of older and modern works well.

  • Vintage garden decoration is also about the plants you introduce to your garden, not just the objects you place there.

  • There are many magazines that will offer ideas about garden art in your outdoor garden space, but sometimes your gut instinct will tell you if something is right for you.

  • Be robust in your choices - we have lost many promising items over the years to the combined hoards of children and Cairn Terriers in our gardens.

  • If you are looking for antique garden ornaments with vintage charm, the UK is one of the best places in the world to shop!

  • Allotment-type decor such as Rhubarb pots and Strawberry pots can be adapted for great plant displays.

Do you love gardenalia and outdoor decorative accessories? We have Vintage Garden Decor for sale as part of our wider collection of vintage garden accessories - come and have a look around this area of our store.