Image of  1960's Thermair red electric fan
Image of Aero style red desk fan by Thermair
Image of Base of 1960's Thermair red desk fan
Image of Gimble of 1960's red desk fan
Image of Made in Italy label
Image of Rear view of retro aero style red desk fan by Thermair
Image of Side view of Italian Thermair red fan

Aero style Thermair desk fan

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A gorgeous example of 1960's Italian design. This 9 inch/23 cm red retro fan is made from Chrome and plastic by Thermair in Italy. It works perfectly and has an English plug - we think these were made for the British market. The fan can be used on a desk or shelf and is designed so that it can also be mounted on the wall.

The fan pivots on a chome ball and socket joint and has 2 speeds - on and off. The body of the fan is red plastic and the base, switch and blades are cream.

This is a rare beastie and quite collectable. This particular fan has no damage, chips or cracks.

When were Desk fans invented?

In 1882 Dr. Schuyler Wheeler invented a two blade battery powered fan (no blade covers at that stage) and patented it. It was produced by the Crocker & Curtis Electric Motor co.