Image of Vintage Brown and Polson Blancmange Mould
Image of Vintage Brown and Polson Blancmange Mould Inside view
Image of Vintage Brown and Polson Blancmange Mould Inside Detail
Vintage Brown and Polson Blancmange Mould Back View

Antique Brown and Polson Blancmange Mould

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Iconic early 20th Century Brown and Polson's advertising Blanc Mange mould with the recipe on the outside. This beauty will look good for decor in any kitchen, as well as being practical for blancmange or jelly - can't you just see this on your kitchen shelf? This item it in good condition, although it has a couple of usage blemishes on the rim. These cannot be seen when stood up and would not impact the shape or wobbliness of the contents. No cracks or crazing.

 Approx size: length 16cm, width 13cm, height 11.5cm.

Brown and Polson

Brown and Polson was a Scottish company that was created in 1840 through a larger of the interests of two Paisley muslin manufacturers, called unsurprisingly Browns and Polsons. John Poison was determined to create a vegetable based starch for use in the preparation of muslin material. The by-product of his work was the creation of a starch that could be used by housewives. He made edible starch from Maize which was much finer that previous versions and could be used to thicken gravy and soups. Brown and Polson patented Cornflour in 1854.

The company site in Paisley grew to 4 acres and at one stage reportedly had 1200 workers. Brown and Polson was acquired by Corn Products Inc of America in 1935, which subsequently merged with Bestfoods in 1957, itself acquired by Unilever in 2000. In 2003 Unilever sold Brown and Polson to Premier Foods.

Although the Paisley site closed in 1996 Brown and Polson Cornflour is still sold in the UK and India.

We ourselves were brought up on Butterscotch Angel Delight, but would be proud to make it in the mould shown here.

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