Image of Front cover of family Bible
Image of Spine of family Bible
Image of Title page of Howard family Bible
Image of Inside cover of Howard family Bible
Image of Birth records in Howard family Bible
Image of Marriage records in Howard family Bible
Image of Colour plate from Howard family Bible
Image of Plate from family Bible

Early 20th Century Family Bible

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An early 20th Century Family Bible comprising Old and New Testaments with colour plates. The Bible is from the Howard family with a first entry in 1922 making it antique. This example is large and heavy but not leather bound. It has some age related wear where the spine meets the covers and some damage we found on one page.

The tradition of family Bibles

The family Bible is one of those things that you either love or hate. For some people it represents a special part of their faith; for others it is a reminder of how far away God really is. In our culture, there are many different ways to display a Bible. Some families use a large leather-bound book, while others choose a small, portable print version. Others still prefer a digital copy loaded onto a tablet or smartphone. Regardless of what type of Bible you have, it is important to remember why you chose it in the first place. If you haven't thought about it much, here are the four generally accepted reasons why you might want to consider getting a family Bible.

A Family Bible Can Make Your Home More Homely

A family Bible isn't just something that sits on the bookshelf. If you decide to invest in a family Bible for yourself, you're making a statement about your beliefs and the importance of your family history. This is especially true if you choose to display a larger, bound Bible. If you don't believe in the Christian message, you might want instead, to hang up a picture of someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi whose lives and work exemplified their beliefs in equality and justice for all.

A Family Bible Shows Who your Family Is

When you walk into a friend's home, do you see pictures of their children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, etc.? Maybe you even notice a framed photo of their spouse. But if you look closer, you may notice that most of the photos aren't of the person themselves. They're of the kids, grandkids, pets, and other family members. Why does this happen? Because friends often want to show off their relationships with loved ones, especially when they're celebrating milestones like weddings and graduations. A family Bible, with all those pages about births, marriages and deaths is a wonderful document and historical record.

A Family Bible Helps To Keep The Family Centred

The Family Bible is one of those things that most people don't think about unless someone brings it up. But there are many families where it is a part of everyday life. And some even keep it around the house as a reminder of how important family is.

A Family Bible Can Be A Useful Genealogical Tool

Family Bibles are some of our favorite genealogy tools because they contain information about ancestors that we never knew existed. They're like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. They often include birthdates, death dates, places of residence, occupations, and even photos of people long dead. In many cases, they provide clues about where families came from and what life was really like during different periods in history. And they usually tell us things we didn't know about our ancestors' lives.