Image of  Gold framed 1960's JH Lynch Tina Picture
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Image of JH Lynch Tina picture

Gold framed J H Lynch Tina picture

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A really fine example of JH Lynch's Tina picture in authentic 1960's gold effect frame.

Who was JH Lynch?

Joseph Henry Lynch (1911-1989) was an English artist who helped create mass market art in the 1960's. It became fashionable to have a Lynch print in your trendy home and they were seen as de rigour throughout the decade. Little is known of the artist himself or his mysterious muses, although it is rumoured that the basis for his models was the supermodel Jean Shrimpton. His art was printed and distributed by the Boots company in the UK.

The Tina Picture

Tina was originally painted in the early 1960's and became the archetype for Lynch's women. She is voluptuous, sultry and sensual and painted in the style of a B Movie poster. She has become almost famous in her own right, featuring, for example on closing in a Stella McCartney collection. Most 'original' Tina's come in the much used white Boots frame and it is rare indeed to come across one in an authentic 1960's gold effect frame.

Size: 66 x 76cm

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