Image of Industrial Form reimagined as robot face sculpture
Image of Close up fo Industrial Robot Face
Image of Industrial Robot Face Sculpture

Industrial Robot Face Sculpture

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This robot is a cutie! Made from an industrial form or pattern that we understand originated with Marconi Avionics or one of it's predecessor companies. We have re-imagined this as a beautiful robot face and mounted it on a purpose created brushed and coated steel stand. This sculpture stands at 28cm tall, 26cm wide and 8cm deep. It is utterly unique and you will be buying a piece of industrial sculpture to be proud of.

What is an industrial pattern?

In the casting process two part moulds are created out of sand. The form, or pattern is the rough outline of the finished metal part to be created. It is pressed into the sand to create an indentation equivalent to the reverse of the finished part. The mould is then sealed except for a pouring cup and downsprue. Molten metal is then poured into the mould through the downsprue and when it solidifies the desired finished part can be broken out of the mould, to be finished elsewhere in the factory.