Image of Kenwood A920 Mincer Box
Image of Kenwood A920 Mincer parts 1
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Image of Kenwood A920 Mincer

Kenwood Chef A920 Mincer in original box

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A vintage Kenwood Chef A920 mincer in original box. The item is complete and has been lightly used. It was designed for the A901 model. The box has age/storage damage but nothing too serious. A nice clean accessory good condition. Comes with instructions. No chops or cracks.

Designed by Kenneth Wood, the Kenwood food mixer was created in 1947 with the introduction of the A200 model. However, the introduction of the A701A Kenwood Chef in 1962 and the subsequent A901 model in 1976 revolutionised home cooking with small appliances in the United Kingdom and around the world. This period is widely regarded as the golden age of Kenwood mixers, solid, reliable and made in England, the mixers gained a cult following. For those who own such a Kenwood chef mixer, the vintage Kenwood accessories are every bit as important as the mixer itself, and although replacement items and spare part repair options are available, authentic original and genuine spare parts, where possible in original packaging, are on point for the vintage collector and restorer.