Large vintage linen Japanese Flag
Large vintage linen Japanese Flag

Large vintage linen Japanese Flag

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A Large vintage Japanese flag. Made from linen, in two sections and stitched together rather than printed, this is used and would fit perfectly in a person cave. Displayed here against a black background. The flag picture used here has the flag hanging so that the whole item can be seen and it is realised that the proper way to fly the flag is horizontally, no offence is meant by our display. There is no damage to the flag.

Size: approx 1.65m x 0.73m

The Japanese Flag

The Japanese flag is formally known as the Nisshōki or Flag of the Sun, but is more commonly referred to as the Hinomaru or Ball of the Sun. It came into civil use in the 1870's and as such became the unofficial national flag. It was not adopted officially until an act of Parliament called the Law regarding the National Flag and National Anthem was passed in 1999. The use of the rising sun motif apparently began in 701AD and Japan is of course known as the Land of the Rising Sun.

The flag is a divisive symbol in Japan with people torn between respect for the tradition of the flag and the more modern concern for not re-endorsing Japanese imperialism. This is echoed by distaste for the flag in China and Korea.

The other version of the flag that you will be familiar with has the sun’s rays emanating from the corner was the Japanese naval flag.

If you see a Hinomaru with much writing fanning out from the red dot, this will be a Hinomaru Yosegaki, or group signing flag. This is often used for groups of athletes, students, or workers at the end of their working lives. Sometimes this is used to commemorate events such as a group effort in support of a natural disaster.