Image of Le Creuset 32 cm griddle pan - blue
Image of Cast iron Le Creuset griddle pan
Image of Deep blue Le Creuset 32cm skillet
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Image of Skillet griddle pan by Le Creuset
Image of Le Creuset 32cm logo on blue griddle pan

Le Creuset 32cm griddle pan

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An unused (no scratching to base and original label still on) deep blue Le Creuset skillet or griddle pan.This measures 32cm wide and retail at around £110 when bought new. This is cast iron, made in France and coated in enamel on the outside. There is no damage to this item. This is perfect for the oven, hob, grill or even the BBQ.

Why buy Le Creuset?

Le Creuset cast ironware has been forged in France since the 1920's. Each piece has 3 layers of enamel and is inspected by 15 sets of eyes before shipping. It has an enviable reputation throughout the world for durability and is seen by most collectors as an investment. For new sales the company offers a cast iron (sorry) guarantee.

Why cook with cast Iron?

Cast iron is durable and versatile and has exceptional heat retention. It is remarkably easy to clean and when coated in enamel holds it's colour. The only downside is that cast iron pieces are not lightweight. If you are into flippy tossy hob work then you will need to be strong.