Image of Front view of Moody Mabel reimagined jewellery drawer unit
Image of Reimagined 7 drawer cabinet from Moody Mabel
Image of Retro 7 drawer cabinet reimagined by Moody Mabel
Image of Moody Mabel's retro 7 drawer cabinet
Image of Lined top drawer of reimagined cabinet with Cassette Tape lining
Image of Bottom drawers of 7 drawer retro cabinet
Image of Retro cabinet by Moody Mabel
Image of Side view of 7 drawer cabinet by Moody Mabel

Retro seven drawer cabinet

Tax included.

When this came to us it was barely worth saving but with perseverance and patience we have brought this seven drawer cabinet back to life. Now sitting proudly on short hairpin legs, with a new colour (matt black and waxed) with drawers lined with 1970's themed cassette tape paper, this retro cabinet is ready for action.

Use to keep your jewellery, watches, handkerchiefs and important treasures safe - you will be delighted.

Like us, this handsome beast is imperfect, aged and re-imagined. Delivery is not included in the price but can be arranged at your cost, depending where you are.

Size (inc legs): 30cm tall, 45cm wide and 32dm deep.