Image of Old 30cm round breadboard
Image of Chopping surface of old round breadboard
Image of Detail of old round breadboard
Image of Back of old round breadboard

Round 30 cm vintage bread board

Tax included.

A cute round vintage bread board with leaf decoration around the edges. Turned rather than hand carved and made out of hardwood. There is no indication of age but it has some wear and is a nice piece.

This board has a 30cm diameter.. It has been cleaned as per the advice below.

This item was marks of wear and usage but no damage.How to clean a wooden bread board: We have found the best way to keep wooden boards clean is to rub down thoroughly with salt and half of a lemon (and give it some elbow!) before cleaning off under running cold water, and then when dry, sealing with butchers block oil. Under no circumstances should a wooden bread board be put through a dishwasher or submerged in hot water.

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