Image of TG Green blue cornishware Tea cup and saucer
Image of TG Green blue cornishware Tea cup
Image of TG Green blue cornishware saucer
Image of TG Green blue cornishware Tea cup stamp
Image of TG Green blue cornishware saucer stamp

T.G. Green Blue and White Cornishware 1980's Tea Cup and Saucer

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Blue Cornishware tea cup and saucer pairing. Good condition, stamped with the 1980-85 New Church logo. No chips or cracks.

Size: saucer 15cm diameter, cup 6.5cm tall, 8.5cm diameter at rim.

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T.G. Green Cornishware

T.G. Green was founded in 1864 by Thomas Goodwin Green. Moody Mabel understands that he bought an existing pottery in Church Gresley whilst he was on his honeymoon. in Scarborough  By 1902 it began producing the famous Cornish blue wares - items like teapots and jugs - which quickly became popular among consumers due to their bright colours and simple designs.

Despite facing difficult times during the 1950s due to competition from mass-produced pieces, T.G. Green was able to survive thanks to their commitment to quality production standards and customer satisfaction - something that remains true today as the company continues to produce beautiful pieces that have been beloved by generations of customers around the world. T.G. Green pottery was produced in Church Gresley in South Derbyshire from 1864 until 2007. Sadly that pottery closed, and production was moved abroad. However, the company is currently re-introducing manufacture into Stoke-on-Trent and products are currently personalised in the West Country.

Cornishware is traditionally blue stripes on a white background, although other colours such as yellow have been popular. The whole range was redesigned in the 1970’s by Judith Onions, including a new gold colour.

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