Image of Large Well Worn TG Green Blue Domino Bowl
Large Well Worn TG Green Blue Domino Bowl - chip close up
Large Well Worn TG Green Blue Domino Bowl - chip
Image of Large Well Worn TG Green Blue Domino Bowl - reverse with chip
Image of Large Well Worn TG Green Blue Domino Bowl Back Stamp

T.G.Green Blue Domino Well Worn Large Bowl

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A large well worn bowl from the T.G.Green Blue Domino range. Stamped Blue Domino - please note that this bowl has a chip to the rim and small crack from the chip - please see pictures. We would recommend this as a display only item.

Size: 21cm diameter at rim.

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About Blue Domino Ware

T.G.Green, the company behind Cornishware of Church Gresley, first produced a polka dot pattern in 1933 and began promoting the Blue Domino range in spring 1934. Although a number of colours have been produced over the years (yellow, red, black, green and baby blue), the rich dark blue has been the staple of the range. It was at its most popular in the 1950's and 60's, matching the style trends of the era. The range changed in 1960 and a new (Gayday) shape was issued to match the current Cornishware shapes. Our research indicates that the new designs also featured white handles. You can distinguish pre and post 1960 versions by looking at the back stamp. Pre-1960 the dots on the dice are not filled in, post 1960 they are solid black. 

Blue Domino ware was withdrawn in 1966, and although there was a brief re-issue in 1993, this did not prove to be successful. At Moody Mabel we avidly collect Blue Domino Ware and are most happy to help you build your collection.

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About T.G.Green

T.G.Green is a United Kingdom company originally based in Church Gresley in England. It is notable for the creation of Cornishware, a specific type of pottery and kitchenware. The company has produced many different ranges over the years, some of which are featured here. We are avid collectors and lovers of the T.G.Green brand and are constantly on the lookout for items (jars, jugs, cups, plates bowls), that we think will interest you, whether that be early examples or up-to-date items such as the 2022 Jubilee mug. We are pleased to always have T.G.Green vintage Cornishware and other ranges for sale on our site.