Image of Rastal Virttui Collective Badger art
Image of Close up of the badger rude art from RVC
Image of Original rude art from RVC - the badger

The Badger original rude art

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For adults only with a sense of humour.

According to the Urban Dictionary a Twat Badger is a really annoying, stupid or nasty person. Most of us have one living across the road from us.  Our friends at the Rastal Virttui Collective, decided that there were enough of these around to merit a new piece of rude art. Their vision is of a world with humour restored, where (within the law obvs) people can say what they think. This art is unique and built using mostly recycled materials from vintage frames to recycled Scrabble pieces. It is unlikely that any two will match perfectly. Go them! This Twat Badger is framed at 19 x 33cm on tartan in a gold effect frame. Let your family and friends know what you think of them, and encourage them to do the same. Please remember that rude art is for all year round, not just for Christmas.

The Rastal Virttui Collective

RVC was created and exists not a million miles from Monmouthshire, in fact not really a million miles from anywhere. There is no truth to the rumour that the members of the collective are also members of a famous rock band. They may not be massively radical but see themselves as mildly pesky and are determined to create a body of art that their mothers would not like one little bit. RVC art is distributed through like-minded sites like Moody Mabel where the group can gain an audience without having to meet too many humans of whom they are not fond.