Image of Vintage Daisy Grubber
Image of Vintage Daisy Grubber side view
Image of Vintage Daisy Grubber top view
Image of Vintage Daisy Grubber - top front view

Vintage Daisy Grubber

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A cute and practical vintage daisy grubber hand weeding tool. In good condition with no damage. The head has been cleaned and the hardwood handle is intact. The metalwork is unbranded but is clearly of age, we would guess post World War II. This one is ready for the new season! A beautiful present for the gardener in your life this Spring.

Size: Length is 44cm. 

Daisy Grubbers


The Daisy Grubber (or taproot weeder) was invented in Great Britain in the 1800s and became a firm favourite of horticulturalists, being recognised as a tool of exceptional strength and utility by the Royal Horticultural Society. There are modern designs around today but the traditional version with wooden handle and a scrolled metal head to give leverage is still seen to be the most practical. There are versions of this tool with long handles for general garden and allotment grubbing but the  hand tool gives the best fulcrum effect.

How to use a Daisy Grubber?

Simples! Push the tines or blade into the ground just off the centre of the weed and the  tines will go either side of the tap root. Roll the grubber back and it will loosen the tap root and hopefully lift it in one try. If not just repeat. For weeds with spreading foliage lift the leaves out of the way to gain access to the centre of the plant. The tool can work on some spreading weeds but is not useful when utilised on perennials or weeds that regenerate from root fragments.

Remember that a weed is just a plant that is in the wrong place at the wrong time! We don't use the Daisy Grubber on Daisies which we love, but it helps us in our never-ending battle with Dandelions.

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