XL vintage Turkish bread board
Ancient Turkish bread board
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Extra Large Turkish bread board vintage

Vintage Turkish bread board with handle (XL)

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An extra large thin vintage Turkish bread board, part of a shipment from villages in the north of Turkey. This beauty looks like it is pine wood and is of considerable age. Use boards like this as a rustic chopping board, for bread or dough rolling and cutting or as a charcutterie or cheese serving board. Alternatively we have seen these used in restaurants for serving platters or wall decor. You could also consider decorating the board itself before hanging on the wall as part of your kitchen decor.

This board is 47cm wide, 50cm long (58 to the end of the handle) and 1cm thick.

All of the Turkish boards we stock have usage marks, chips and splits as befits many decades of constant usage. Embrace them for what they are, which is stunning!

How to clean a wooden bread board: We have found the best way to keep wooden boards clean is to rub down thoroughly with salt and half of a lemon (and give it some elbow!) before cleaning off under running cold water, and then when dry, sealing with butchers block oil. Under no circumstances should a wooden bread board be put through a dishwasher or submerged in hot water.

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